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A blues guitarist with acoustic sensibility
A vocalist honoring traditional for music
An artist whose time has come

Feter Martin Homer cut his teeth as a blues guitarist playing in bands throughout the United States, first in Michigan and, currently in California, with all points in between. Press and audiences in all of those locations have lauded his chops as powerful and passionate. But he has released his very first solo album, revealing a tender soul with a love of American folk music idioms.


His first self-titled solo CD reveals a strong vocal presence to accompany his guitar chops, stripped down to acoustic tones on this album. Some of the tunes (East Virginia Blues, This Storm Shall Pass Away) draw on traditional blues and folk sensibility to create tracks that give homage to those traditions. Other songs like Arise and Loveshow Feter’s tender side, a vocal approach that is reminiscent of Nick Drake. Meanwhile, Virginiaand the instrumental Morning Fairy are examples of Feter’s guitar abilities. 


Feter’s move to Southern California has opened up new avenues for performances and connections and he has taken advantage, settling in to a regular performing schedule. Get your copy of Feter Martin Homerand then go see him live. You will be glad you did both.

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